Much like nonprofit organizations are guided by an unwavering belief and commitment to their mission, our local businesses are unwavering in their support of our community. They donate their time, gift cards, services, the products they sell and more to ensure we are able to meet fundraising goals. 


Our local business support allows our organizations to deliver youth programming and educational opportunities. They donate their resources to make art accessible to all, enriching the quality of life in Northeast Michigan through the arts and cultural programs they support. They help us promote and celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion. Our local businesses support our museums, our library and our theatre companies. Their support allows kids that might not otherwise get to benefit from these cultural experiences the opportunity to enjoy free art classes, trips to the museums, recreational activities and membership at the Boys and Girls Club.

Alpena small businesses donate to help prevent and end sexual and domestic violence. They contribute to programs that provide housing, daycare services and support services for people in need, creating stability for families and brighter futures for the youth in our community. They help us get cancer patients to their appointments, they sponsor our little league teams, and they donate to keep our furry friends safe. 


Local businesses are the driving force behind the community celebrations we cherish, from our small town parades to our holiday celebrations. They bring music to our streets, art to Thunder Bay and organize festivals in the heart of our downtown.

But now, they need our help.

A message from mary beth stutzman

Alpena area convention & visitors bureau

There is a reason why Alpena is known throughout history as the town that wouldn't die, a boomtown that forgot to bust. Northeast Michigan residents are the sons and daughters of pioneering trailblazers and we have always found a way to keep this town... our town... alive. From fishing and lumber, to mining and manufacturing, we have a knack for reinvention and supporting each other through times that should make it too tough to keep going. 

Today, in our Sanctuary of the Great Lakes, we live surrounded by trails, rivers, lakes and forests. We know how special this place is. Our local shops, restaurants, theaters and galleries are like old friends that we can always count on to be there when we need them. But this recent world-wide experience has created great economic uncertainty. 

While state and national economic relief programs helped many, there were still businesses that fell through the cracks and either did not qualify or did not make the cut for financial assistance due to unprecedented demand. This fund is one of many ways you can help our local economy get back on our feet. 

This is our moment, to support the future of our community. 

When we support each other, we all win. Our local small businesses have been here for us and now they need our help.